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in Asheville

A Critical Services Microgrid provides local electrical power to operate important services for the community.

Who benefits from Microgrids?

  • police and fire depts

  • hospitals

  • universities

  • public/private operations that provide health, safety, or basic needs for the community

What are the advantages of Microgrids?

  • power even during grid outages

  • scalable to any size operation

  • optimized daily energy usage (saves money)


Microgrids are being implemented right here

in Asheville and Buncombe County.

 NEW Video: Asheville Fire and Police Station Microgrid
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Benefits of Microgrids

2-minute Intro to Microgrids

Asheville Proposal

Watch the video below for details on a local opportunity for microgrids.

Asheville Microgrid Overview
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